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Modern Auto Parts Sales: Car Selection

Whether you are in search of a brand new car or a 2nd hand model, one cannot fathom the wide range of options available in the marketplace. That said, the beauty of looking for the right brand and model is that each car speaks for itself. You can have it when you deem fit as its owner. Kinda a bit inspired from the series Transformers lately, huh? 

Here at Modern Auto Parts, we are quite proud of what we are today — of the various services that we offer to our clients. While we are mostly known for our maintenance and collision repair services, MAP has recently ventured into car dealerships. 

Now, we have 2 car sales platforms, namely, the Car Selection and Used Cars and Trailers. Each caters to people with different needs and car interests. Both sales services sell 2nd hand vehicles yet only differ with inclusions and repairments. For our team, we envision that all must have a vehicle of their own. We believe that cars serve practical purposes. On this page, we give you the MAP Sales: Car Selection.

MAP Sales: Car Selection

Car Selection service presents you the finest works of our trained, highly skilled and experienced technicians and mechanics. While we sell 2nd hand cars, the centre team offers customised solutions, where they repair and modify all cars to better suit your needs and interests. 

The MAP Sales (used cars and trailers), on the other hand, sell 2nd hand vehicles (cars and trailers) at cheaper prices but weren’t exactly as restored, repaired, and modified to the fullest extent. That said, we guarantee the quality and safety of our collection. You can review them by setting up an appointment with our sales team. 

Car selection

Explore our car selection by manufacturer. See the list below:

  • Ford
  • Kia
  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • MG Motor
  • Mazda
  • Hyundai
  • Honda
  • FCA Chrysler Group
  • General Motors
  • BMW Group
  • Chevrolet
  • General Motors Truck Company (GMC)
  • Nissan
  • Volkswagen

Meet the team

This service is more than selection itself. Apart from choosing which brand and type of car you need, you will be working with our sales team and repair and collision centre team. The cost would vary depending upon the changes and additional parts you want to include. Get to know how these amazing people work to tailor your needs here on this page: Meet the Team of Modern Auto Parts. 

What’s more

Are you a business owner? Add more productivity and efficiency to your daily business routine through our low-cost yet adept commercial trailers. From clearance trailers to snowmobile trailers, we have other several options available for different nature of enterprises. See how MAP does it for you by checking out this page: Modern Auto Parts Sales: Used Cars and Trailers.