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First started its services as a local auto wrecking site, the new Modern Auto Parts now delivers better work in the industry through maintenance, installation, repair services, and more. For over so many decades, we have been the community’s long time partner in road safety.

As the company strives to embrace digital tech, we are more than pleased to present you with a thorough account of MAP services. While our confidence is driven by our well-versed team, we are also proud to say that we are part of the NAPA Autocare and Collision Center network of repair facilities. 

In the vastness of prospects and options in the modern period, both NAPA and MAP are built under the firm mission of assisting today’s consumers’ minds. That said, the MAP is not a franchise of NAPA nor NAPA is a repair franchising business. Instead, it is a quality standard where it invites independent repair business owners based upon looking at their community repute, integrity, qualifications, and expertise. In the hopes of impressing your standards, find here on this page our wide range of services.

To ease your read in this post, please refer to the overview of topics below. As we are steadfast in serving your needs, don’t forget to share MAP services with your friends and family. One after the other, let’s help protect our loved ones in the possible dangers there are on the road.

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MAP Services

MAP is indebted to your trust. With that, our wide range of services becomes even better — giving more angle, options, and efficiency to both you and your vehicle. To ensure you have your best stay in our shop, don’t hesitate to ask our team as we offer customised solutions to your needs and concerns. Tell us what bothers you, and our hardworking customer staff will assist you in no time! 

  1. Auto servicing and maintenance

There is a reason why cars have mileage, or as to why the automotive industry is constantly evolving. Whether you have varying answers for the two, both statements trickle down to maintenance. While buying a spanking new model from an elite car brand is really nice as it has countless benefits and upgrades, both new cars and older run-around vehicles need auto servicing.

This service is what you’ll often see in car shops. Right from inspecting the car’s condition or a simple oil change up to fixing the suspension and the likes, auto servicing is a must for every car owner. What’s even highly needed, you should either have a trusted mechanic/technician or a go-to repair shop. 

Moving from one site to another will surely be the end of your vehicle, because trust us, nothing knows better about your car other than you and the very first (experienced) mechanic who fixed it. Well, let’s say that is how it goes to hospitals and doctor-patient relations.

In a nutshell, having a regular basis of auto servicing will do the following:

  • Help improve engine wear
  • Boosts your safety (e.g. wear and tear, suspension, steering and braking systems, lights, etc.)
  • Maintains the car’s value
  • Saves more of your money
  • Prolongs the engine’s life
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  1. Collision repairs

A collision repair is more than just auto servicing. It is a service that tests the adept skill, efficiency, and integrity of a mechanic or repair shop — ensuring that your car goes back to what it was before from minor or major hits (collisions). 

Surely, your insurance company has got you covered. It will even be suggesting certain names and places for you to have it fixed. Yet in the end, the last call would be coming from you. In turn, who will you trust in this matter? Or simply put, where will you rely on your safety?

The more cars become complex over the years, the harder they are to repair. At the start, mechanics work over in mending metals and coating better layers of paint. But now, they deal with a much more intricate subject, which is technology. While the costs of this service will amass higher than expected, this is where MAP assures you. We are a licensed and certified collision repair in Canada.

With this service, we don’t only repair broken parts. Instead, our strong connections with spare parts producers allow us to give you better and necessary tools of the same grade. Here at MAP, we have the right pieces of equipment that match premium quality cars in spite of the type and brand. 

  1. Bodywork

Auto bodywork refers to the assessment and repairment of the outside part of a motor vehicle. This service is as essential as maintenance and auto servicing. All owing to our premium quality car paints, MAP offers excellent paintwork. Other than making your car’s exterior superbly looking good, they are also protected from UV light and scratches.

  1. Parts: spare parts offer

There is nothing more frustrating in road trips when a car slows down due to damages — a flat tire, everyone? But as a committed auto shop that serves you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, more so located in a strategic centre area, MAP offers various spare parts that match every type of vehicle.

  1. Auto sales: buy new and used vehicles

To see the collection of MAP auto sales, please refer to this page.

Schedule your visit

Scheduled visits and strict compliance to appointments are what makes our services seamless. While our shop has regular clients, we practice fairness. As everyone already has a problem of their own, anyone should then be given the same amount of time and effort by our team. 

Now that we optimize digital tools, you’ll have more time to worry about your other major daily activities through our online scheduling system. Find the best date and time for you, and we’ll see you on that day.

Note: Prior to filling out the form below, see to it that you have first read our instructions.

  • By clicking Send, you agree that all answers are true and correct. Let us help each other by avoiding mistakes that may affect the schedules of our mechanics and other prospective clients. After you submit the form, our website will be sending an automated email containing your schedule confirmation and a copy of your form. In the event that you find any errors, don’t hesitate to contact us right away.
  • If you decide to either cancel or reschedule your appointment, give us a call or email (which you will find on our Contact Us page) at least 3 or more days prior to the confirmed schedule. Failure to do so will result in extra charges on your next visit.
  • Please note that MAP does not offer home service. We guarantee that our shop is wide enough to accommodate you and other clients.
  • For payments, we both accept full and instalment payments. As for the former, allowed forms include cash, credit and debit cards, and electronic payments. Whereas for the latter, credit and debit cards are only approved.


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Client reviews | What people are saying about us

Here are some of the statements coming from our regular and new clients. If you have yours, you may comment on your experience here on this page.

  • ‘Hassle-free and great service! I appreciate them taking the time to assist me even after the collision repair service.’ — Chris, 29
  • ‘All I can say is excellent service! The staff are well-equipped with technical know-how. I admire their detailed explanations guiding me every step of the way. Their place is also neat — far from what I imagined when it comes to auto shops.’ — Ada, 22
  • ‘I live far from MAP’s site. But thankfully, they offer a free towing service. It’s quite difficult to find trusted shops in my area. So, it was a relief to see that MAP is adept both in customer care and car repair.’ — Emma, 32
  • ‘Big thanks to these guys for their in-depth services. I never thought I had a problem with my strut bar, but the mechanics offered another thorough inspection at no cost! — Debbie, 43

What’s more

Services that you might like to see.
Our services don’t limit to repairs, installation, and maintenance. Instead, we transcend as to what our brand name says. While we focus on the above-mentioned services, we cater to people with different needs. If you are one of the many who are after creative searches or simply in dire need of an affordable vehicle, you may take a look at our Car Sales page. See which auto is right for you.