The team

Meet the Team of Modern Auto Parts

First recruiting dismantlers and salvage yard staff, the new Modern Auto Parts now offers better services in the automotive industry. The early years of MAP laid the foundation of what we are today: a maintenance, installation, and collision centre. But its successful growth, strong integrity, and unyielding commitment are due to the collective effort of our team. In the words of Samuel Adams, one of the founding fathers of the U.S., ‘give credit to whom credit due’

Now, we present to you the team of MAP. To us, they are the eyes and ears that assess the changes in the industry. They are the creative minds that give potentials in providing customised solutions and, they are the feet that lead MAP towards success. For over decades in this field, we are proud of the backbone of this company. And why wouldn’t we be? It took quite a while to create a synergistic working relationship and a steady momentum that drove us in fulfilling our vision.

On this page, see the list of MAP groups and their respective members. Read what our past and regular clients say about them. Or better yet, set up an appointment with any of the team to get wise and informed knowledge about vehicles. And who knows, if you have the skills and sincere passion like any of these amazing guys, then you might consider joining the MAP team!

To ease your visit in this post, below is an overview of the topics.

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    • Sales team
    • Finance and marketing team
    • MAP repair and collision centre team
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MAP Team

Management/HR team

Meet the leaders of each MAP team! 

  • Brandon Cooper: Managing Director
  • Sharon Lewis: Sales Director
  • Bryan Smith: Finance and Marketing Director
  • Dakota Martin: Repair and Collision Centre

The new MAP was formed by Brandon and Dakota. Best of friends that started as trainee mechanics, the 2 worked their way through in the field building a better and more profound insight for the company.

Both Sharon and Bryan joined the team when MAP launched its newest project called auto sales. With them as your partners in car financing, the business guarantees swift transactions and better deals at your disposal. 

Sales team

Sharon has over 30 years of motor trade experience as an executive-level employee. In turn, it’s no wonder why MAP keeps growing and maintaining excellent relations with the customers. Along with the finesse craftsmanship of our mechanics, they know the what, when, and where in setting goals for the company.

Meet the members of the sales team:

  • Steve Lee: Sales Consultant
  • Anna Roy: Sales Consultant
  • Wilson Terry: Sales Consultant Specialist

Finance and marketing team

With the demands of used cars in the country, MAP finds itself in a task of catering to their needs. While we are already in a strategic position in the city, we need a team that can market our products to people from farther places. Thanks to the recent recruit of Bryan and his elaborate job hunting, the sales team are well guided by Alex, Shawn, and Alley.

Meet the members of the finance and marketing team:

  • Alex Ward: Finance Assistant
  • Shawn Brown: Digital Lead
  • Alley Johnson: Digital Assistant 

MAP repair and collision centre

The heart and soul of MAP — the repair and collision team is the centre by which all revenues, sales, and marketing strategies follow. The impressive growth of the business is indebted to the superb expertise and talent of our 5 technicians and 7 mechanics. They are the reason why you are back on the road, again, in a better and much safer condition. 

Join our team! | MAP Careers

Modern Auto Parts shapes the future of seamless driving — safety and efficiency. As the company expands, we need a growing team composed of people who are after dynamic challenges resulting in substantial outcomes and assets.

What we need is more than skill and knowledge. MAP seeks for passionate, driven, visionary, and talented people. The wide field that we are a part of deals with life, style, and a thriving future. In turn, we have to meet the demands of today’s consumers’ minds. Failure to do so will not only cause cessation of business, rather a defeat in sustaining the mission and fulfilling the vision.

Our job openings

  • Apprentice Body Shop Inspector
  • Automotive Service Technicians (3 openings)

Our company culture

First started in a single-centred business, then managed to pull off a wide array of auto services. Since the new MAP, we embrace eccentric yet brilliant solutions ensuring that your needs and concerns are met. Through and through, we foster a culture of diversity, innovation, and curiosity. 

Our HR team hires a broad spectrum of candidates. People coming from different regions with varying backgrounds, physical traits, and personalities are factors in causing more productivity in the office. While it was a difficult start to venture into, the consistent effort paved the way for openness and understanding. Now, we work hard, help each other learn and grow, and certainly, laugh a lot.

Company benefits

The management/HR team weighs the level of the position and the assessment of exam and interview. That said, all employees receive the following: 

  • competitive salaries
  • equity health packages (e.g. health, dental plans, and vision care)
  • life insurance
  • retirement benefits
  • paid sick days
  • paid emergency leaves
  • vacation allotments
  • gifts and awards
  • daily lunch meals, snacks, and drinks available at the pantry


Job hunting is tiring. Coming from left to right, you get interviews to attend different places that you have never visited before. Now that MAP makes better use of digital tools you’ll have more time for yourself and worry about your other daily activities. We now have an online application system where we will only need a soft copy of your resume and a few important details about you.

As much as we are excited to talk to you, more so work with you, we are thankful for taking the time and interest to apply in our current openings. After submitting the form, our website will be sending an automated email confirming that we have received your form for the role you applied for. Rest assured that we will review it and shall be in touch if your qualifications match our needs.

Last name
First name
Mobile no.
Current company (if there is any)
Name of the position you are applying for
Short essay (minimum of 250 words)
Do you find yourself serving in this industry for the next 5 years? Explain.
Extra remarks (add a cover letter or anything else you want to share about yourself)

Frequently asked questions

Now that you have sent your form, we understand how dreadful waiting on a job seeking is. So, we have compiled a list of FAQs that the HR department commonly receives from every applicant.

  1. What is your application process?

Regardless of which position you’re applying for, all applicants are required to undergo a series of assessments. The list includes exams and interviews. If the manager deems you fit for the role, they will be asking for another meeting through a call. 

  1. How long will it take for me to hear from your team?

Due to the great number of CVs we receive every day, the HR team can’t guarantee to respond to each applicant. While we are thankful for taking MAP as your choice of work, we will either call or send a message to potential candidates.

  1. I don’t live near your shop. Would you still consider my entry?

Yes! Although it will be a dilemma for both parties, we shall be discussing it should you reach the series of interviews.

  1. How do I know if I’m considered for the role?

If we see potential in you, we certainly won’t miss the chance of hiring you. While we also make rooms for other candidates, we will update the progress of your application either through email or text message. 

  1. If I am asked for an interview, what do I have to bring with me?

Our online application system brings more convenience to both candidates and employers. In the interview, you don’t need to bring any further copies of your CV or cover letter as we have everything we need.

  1. If I didn’t get the role, will you contact me for other openings?

MAP has a database containing past candidates’ records. Should we have newer openings that seem right for your skill and experience, we will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible. 

What’s more

Services that you might like to see.

See what our employees can do for you through our wide range of services. With over decades in the industry, we strive on adding newer and better services that will surely be of benefit to you. For more details about each of our services, along with rules in filing your appointment, find all about them here on this page: Modern Auto Parts Services.